Besides entertainment, recreation, sports, etc., Ellisbridge Gymkhana also offers locations for Professional Activities or Social Events. The Club rents out its Board Room, Terrace, Banquet Hall, Coffee Shop and its Sports Café, at reasonable rates. The club also offers the for conducting various training based activities. (Various charges are mentioned here, however the final amount to be charged will be decided by the club office.)

The Banquet Hall

The Club has well a decorated Banquet Hall available on rent for events like Ring Ceremonies, Birthday parties, Conferences, etc. The Banquet hall has an exquisite furnishing and comforts along with the renowned food service of Ellisbridge Gymkhana. The Banquet Hall has a capacity of 200 people. A part of this Banquet hall is also available for small functions. The hall is split into two chambers each offering a capacity of 100 people.
Hall Charges Rs.

Chamber 1

Capacity 100
(Duration 3 Hrs.)

Chamber 2

Capacity 100
(Duration 3 Hrs.)
Banquet Full Hall
Full Hall Rs.
Capacity 200
(Duration 3 Hrs.)
Capacity 200
(Duration 5 Hrs.)
Add. Terrace
Duration 3/5 Hrs. 3000/-

The Terrace

Members can enjoy the fresh air on the Terrace by adding the Terrace booking along with the Hall. The Terrace can also be used for private functions.
The Terrace is offered only if the full Hall is booked.

Terrace Charges Rs.


Duration 3 / 5 Hrs.

The Board Room

The Club offers the Board Room for professional business activities. The Board Room can accommodate 18 people. The lighting and the exquisite formal furniture offers a professional touch to a business meeting.
Hall Charges Rs.
Capacity 18 (Duration 3 Hrs.)


The high-end coffee shop of the club – 'Biscotti' is available for a social gathering, kitty parties or small size celebrations. The well carpeted and furnished area on the ground floor can accommodate 25 people. Biscotti offers rich special dishes with exotic coffees and desserts.
Charges Rs.
Capacity 25 (Duration 3 Hrs.)

'19th Hole' - Dinning Area

The Sports Café on the ground floor with a separate entrance is available for members and non-members for social events. This has a capacity of 58 people. It offers gourmet food to add to the glamour to a function.
Charges Rs.
'19th Hole' - Dinning Area
Cancellation Charges
07 Days Earlier and More
Between 07 Days and 03 Days
Between 03 days and 24 Hours
Less than 24 Hours
Less than 24 Hours
15% Extra
  • Those attending Board Room and Banquet Hall restrict themselves to Banquet Hall and Board Room area. Please maintain order and decorum.
  • Any damage done to property of gymkhana has to be paid for.
  • Eatables from outside are not permitted, for catering services please contact the catering contractor.
  • For air-conditioned areas air conditioner shall be started 30 minutes prior to your chargeable time & will be cut-off 15 minutes after your chargeable time.
  • Extra chairs will not be permitted then the allotted capacity.
  • Extra time occupancy money shall be deposited after completion on same day or will be debited to member's A/c.
  • In case of power failure/Technical problem of A.C., full/part rent shall be reimbursed as per breakdown time.
  • No live fire item be used like Haven, Diva, Standing Lamp, Candles, etc.
  • Decoration only in Banquet Hall, not in corridor or stair case.
  • No gas balloons to be used.
  • String lights not to be used.
  • No 'Rangoli' of any form allowed.
  • Stage will not be permitted.
  • Loud music not permitted.
  • Club designated contractors for all services is permitted only.
  • Audio / video / system to be taken from R. Tolat & Co. – Phone : 26587311 / 8615
  • Decorator Name : Bastawala – Phone : 26594545