Ellisbridge Gymkhana offers Regular and Life membership. The club has special rates for member's sons and daughters. Nomination based membership is available. For special cases, a Temporary Membership is offered too. The club also offers Non-Residential membership.
Entrance Fee (INR)
(Senior Citizens, please confirm age criteria at the office)
GUEST ENTRY ALLOWED FOR 7 DAYS IN A MONTH. A maximum of 4 guests at a time. Children may enter guests with written permission of parents.
Basic Membership Rules
  • Subject to Sub-rule (2) and (3),the membership of the Gymkhana may remain open to : (a) Any person who is a Class I Gazetted Officer either of the Central or State Government in service or such a Gazetted Officer who has retired. (b) Any other person including a company registered under the Companies Act 1956, a Society or any other Institution Registered under the Societies' Registration Act, or any other Body Corporate, Corporation or Institution by whatever name termed established by or under any Act or Special Act of the Central Government or the State Government.
  • No person except the Institutional Member, below the age of 21 years, shall be eligible to become a member.
  • No person who has been dismissed from the service of any Government or Quasi-Government body or who has been declared insolvent or taken into liquidation as the case may be or found guilty of any criminal offence involving grave moral turpitude shall be eligible for admission to the Gymkhana but the question whether the criminal of- fence involves grave moral turpitude or not shall rest in the sole and absolute discretion of the Managing Committee.
  • For complete set of Ellisbridge Gymkhana constitution, rules /by-laws and regulations contact Ellisbridge Gymkhana office by email or visit us during office hours.